The Best Track Saws, Reviews of 2023

The Best Track Saws, Reviews of 2023 are modern tools that offer fast, accurate cuts it will boost your
woodwork on to the track! The best track saw will really lift up your project top to the perform

Best All-Inclusive

Bosch GTK13-225 Track

Best Yield

Makita SP6000J1 Plunge Cut / Track Saw Kit

Dewalt Track Saw (DWS520K)

Wouldn't you really know how The Best Track Saws, Reviews of 2023 are superior saws that can cut a heavy and long length of lumber wood easily? Best track saw reviews can be used in cutting trims, maple plywood, composite decking and finger jointed pine in quick, fine smooth splinter free cut. It works more quick and efficient in our views.

I  know how tense it feels, when you are in search of a highly, fast, accurate table saw for ripping sheet goods to fulfill your grand project of wood interior design. An ordinary saw cannot accomplish such requirements. Best track saw are great for boards, cutting trims cuts across the panels. They are excellent in quickly clamped places and give superb accurate cuts in long panels even in circular shape.

I myself have used it in my mega project of wood interior designs. We researched and looked through the records of the history to come up with the best track saw on the market. A list of track saws are mentioned below. Before giving its detail I’ll discuss some important points related to articles.

The Best Track Saws Reviews of 2023


  • Track saw kit is an advanced and modern tool used for fast, accuracy and flash rips on the various wood materials.
  • Its blade size is remarkable to cope with the thickness of the wood sheet.
  • Track saws are superb in selecting its speed setting as well as in the bevel capacity. Its motor has the capability to work under heavy load.
  • The difference between corded and cordless track saw is only cord, corded saw is attached with the electric wire while a cordless trigger is not.

Our Top Picks Of The Best Track Saws Reviews of 2023

We will discuss here the list of the best cordless track saw that will help you in choosing the best one!

  1. Best All-inclusive Bosch GKT 13-225 Track Saw
  2. Best yield Makita SP6000J-6-1/2 Plunge Circular Saw kit
  3. Best Corded Track Saw Dewalt Track Saw (DWS520K)
  4. Best Home Improvement Kreg ACS2000 Adaptive Cutting System Saw
  5. Best Multi-Material Saw Evolution-027-0004 C Power Tool
  6. Best part of cluster Wen CT106510 Plunge Cut Sidewinder Circular Track Saw

Top-Rated Track Saws Compared

Best All-inclusive

Bosch GKT- 13-225
Track Saw

110 volts

Best yield Track

Makita SP6000J-6-1/2 plunge Circular Saw kit

110 volts

Best Corded Track Saw

Dewalt Track Saw (DWS520K)

120 volts

Best Home Improvement

Kreg ACS2000 Adaptive Cutting System Saw

120 volts

Best Multi-Material Saw

Evolution 027-0004 Circular Track Saw Kit

120 volts

Best Top Ins

Above given information will help in choosing the tracksaw track in the market. Our field experts team has tested some best with conversion kit on the basis of top qualities and meet your budget and desires. as I have attested The Best Table Saws, you can also visit this fresh post!

Bosch GTK13-225L Track Saw

According to the Experts field tester, the GKT13-225 track saw from Bosch is one of the best track saws that provide fast and easy cuts in wood based sheet goods like laminated boards and plywood. It cuts the wood sheet with accurate, clean cuts in depth. Saw track is constant electronics. It controls and keeps stable its speed under the load of more demanding applications.

The motor works lavishly even under compulsion and there is no need to minimize its variable speed. it provides remarkable effects in the form of crispy cuts along with almost zero-tear-out or blade marks. i have tested that the saw is packed with two 63-inch rails along with a great carry bag works excellently. the 126 inches of rail and longest cord give splendid long rips and crosscuts on the sheet goods.

It is more efficient in dust extraction by connecting it to a suitable vacuum cleaner. Bosch features quick three steps blade swap with spindle lock and on board hex key. It has remarkable tracking adjustment features with front and rear knobs, which are precise and fit to the track saw.

Product Specs

  • Type: Corded, Electric
  • Bevel: -1 to47 degrees
  • Special features: Spindle lock

Reason to Buy

  • Excellent cut quality
  • Impressive cut
  • Great deal

Reason to Avoid

  • Expensive

Plunge mechanism works for accurate depth cut, single bevel point is used for the place where the track is located in the same way both for bevel cuts and non bevel cuts.

The saw is packed with super dust extraction and swiveling hose port that I have used for keeping work area cleans while working on wood sheet goods. The plunge mechanism provides an overload protection that shields the motor from overheating. I have tested the stock plywood crosscut blade that is used to rip the red oak boards(1.25 inches). It never bogged down and nor overheated. I have also observed the Festool TS55's track saw that when it stopped after ripping, it became too hot. It is an ideal for trimming, cutting and precise cuts

Makita SP6000J1 Plunge Cut / Track Saw Kit

Makita plunge circular saw is a specific one among the bunch. It has a powerful 12 AMP motor with variable speed control. It is corded and its large cutting capacity is (2-3/16 at 90 degree and 1-9/16 at 45 degree). Makita performs accurate cutting with few saw marks at full speed in oak. It also controls and maintains constant speed under load and helps users to balance the speed to the application.

Makita track saw is specifically designed for cutting sheet materials. plunge circular saw and optional guide rail system are constructed with anodized aluminum. These two features combine to form perfect and accurate cuts with slightest tear out. The electronic speed of the motor is used to maintain its constant speed under load. Makita track saw is a more portable option and is ideal for jobsite or in the shop.

Product Specs

  • Type: Corded, Electic
  • Bevel: -1 to47 degrees
  • Special features: 1 Lithium lon Battery

Reason to Buy

  • Saves money
  • Since sliced bread
  • Excellent saw
  • Versatile

Reason to Avoid

  • Little issue in electronic brakes it has only one year warranty

The Makita works superbly with a 55-inch-long rail. i have observed through tests it allowed top-notch cuts every time when i used in it. it comprises a subtle kit box, a comfortable and smooth electronic brake, powerful motor. Its all superb features collectively form a composite bond.

Dewalt Track Saw (DWS520K)

Dewalt track saw (DWS520K) provides straight, splinter-free, precise cuts like portable tools. I felt so glad when I found this saw excels in precision and cut-quality and portability. It is also noted that this saw toiled edge joining and door trimming on the hinges. The most influential use of this saw is cutting multiple-piece, ripping, crosscutting and mitering sheet goods. I was really inspired by its anti-slip aluminum track and zero clearance track features indicating the exact cut location.

Product Specs

  • Type: Corded Electric
  • Voltage: 120 volts
  • Blade Length: 8 inches

Reason to Buy

  • Ideal for sheet goods and door bottoms
  • Excellent saw
  • Provide glossy finish

Reason to Avoid

  • Hard to handle long reach cuts.

DWS520K is a marvelous saw which is packed with a 1,300 watt motor that is used for enough power to cut through hardwoods. Anti kickback allows additional control which is a remarkable feature that is used for saw moving forward direction on the track resulting in prevent kickbacks. This saw also comes with a dust management system that is used for collecting up to 90% of excess dust and debris.

Kreg ACS2000 Adaptive Cutting System Saw

Kreg ACS2000 is a premium home improvement tool. The beauty of this tool is its plunge cutting and straight-edge guide which make this saw handy. Kreg saw offers repeatable rip-cuts and cross-cuts that’s why it is the first choice for wood project enthusiasts, hobbyists and DIYers. The upright handle design allows the tool to move the tool forward on the long track making it more conveinient.

Product Specs

  • Type: Electric Corded 12-amp
  • Blade Length: 48 inches
  • Product Dimension: 9.1 x 9.1 x 9.1 inches

Reason to Buy

  • Excellent saw
  • Suitable price
  • Handy and convenient saw

Reason to Avoid

  • Lack of clamps

Kreg ACS2000 comes with the magnificent feature of an excellent dust collecting system. The saw is packed with a left-bladed and variable speed motor with load compensation. The anti-slip guide strips offer secure cuts without the use of a clamp. The saw excels with lush soft start and powerful electronic brake.

Evolution 027-0004C Power Tool. Multi-Material                  Circular Track Saw Kit

Multi-material circular track saw is challenging for the user because of its specialty for its function. It is perfect in its accuracy and reliability to do is more efficient, faster, smoother and safer in its has 0-45 degree bevel cutting capacity. There is no need to change the blade while cutting a wide range of materials. Port dust adapter is attached to remove the dust for a clean environment.

The channeled air flow helps in cleaning the immediate area during cutting. Multi-material circular the track saw provides hex-key to keep your work fit on your track. The Evolution power tool is designed so artistically that multi materials can be cut through it. For example, mild steel is used to cut hardwood, even wood with embedded nails. It is an ideal worktops. It is also in cutting plastic like acrylic and drainage tubing even without changing its position.

Product Specs

  • Type: Cordless, 15-amp
  • Culncluded: 40- inch Tracktting Angle:90 degree
  • Special features: Brushless

Reason to Buy

  • Really useful
  • Easily can cut 2.5 inches thicker materials with 7.25-inch blade.
  • Efficient saw

Reason to Avoid

  • Need to improve dust collection

Evolution 027-0004C Power Tool provides 0-45 degree bevel cutting by relieving the thumb lever in order to get an exact angled tilt. It is like a circ saw power with full precision, the guard and track help in cutting the sheet goods. Plunge saw is also used for adjustable depth of cuts. I have used an external hosed port connected to the dust port adapter for keeping the jobsite area clean and safe!

WEN CT1065 10-Amp 6.5-Inch Plunge Cut                              Sidewinder Circular Track Saw

The Wen CT1065 6.5-Inch Plunge Cut Sidewinder Track Saw comes with instinctive features to pitch it one for your project. This track saw provides users the straight or narrow cuts as table or panel saw. The wen track saw kit provides perfect, straight and precise cuts for ripping plywood, building and furniture etc. Its powerful motor 10 amp works with the 6-½ inch even on hardest wood.

The 12 6-⅝ inch base features allow the saw smoothly work along the track. Three different settings of blades make its work more convenient and admirable. The bevel cut capacity is 1.625 from 0-45 degree angled. The dust port is available for the dust collection system.

Product Specs

  • Type: Corded, 10 amp
  • Bevel: 0-45 degrees
  • Tracks included: not

Reason to Buy

  • Excellent value
  • Inexpensive
  • Easy to use

Reason to Avoid

  • No more than digging a deep cut for ¾ inch plywood

Like a table or panel saw, The WEN Track saw represents the same results by putting down the track along the desired area for flash and smooth cuts. The WEN Track saw features powerful motor 10-amp rotates the 6-½ inches blade upto 5500 times per minutes. It works on hardwood sheet goods by using bevel at 45 degree in order to create angled cuts upto 1-⅝ inches thick.

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How To Choose The Best Table Saw UK

There are some main features and specifications of the best track circular saw.

What to Consider For Track Saw Reviews

  1. Before taking the final decision for buying a track saw kit, I closely observed the brands and their specifications. I also considered the main features such as, sizes, weights, power, track lengths, compatibility with guide rail system. I also observed the feedback from users in order to experience the specific models.
  2. It is really important to evaluate the necessary power and cutting capacity that is required for the handy task.
  3. It is essential to measure the research customer reviews and rating to gauge and the users overall satisfaction and longevity of the tool.
  4. Best budget track saw with better performance and reliability can save both time and money.
  5. I have also noted that additional accessories can improve cutting accuracy as well as convenience.


Motor plays a vital role in quick and brilliant performance of a best plunge saw with track . I have observed that the power of the motor should be at least 9AMP. Because more power will easily work upon tricky and intricate ways of wood sheet.


Most powerful track saw also depends upon size of the blade during wood crafting. I have observed during wood designing that as sharper the blade would be able to cut deeper, finely and sharply inside the wood. Large blades 4-½ inches in diameter cut the material inside 1 inch thick Festool has one of the best fine depth adjustments than Mafell, Bosch and Makita.

Speed Setting

The features of speed settings differentiate the DIY track saw from its competitor tools. I have tested that the ideal speed adjustment of a circular saw track should be 2000RMP on the low end and 5000 RPM on the top end. Different types of wood are cut at variable speed of tracking saw. In my view, the Makita track saw shows variable speed adjustment and is considered the users supporting hand thumb.

Best Bevel

Biggest track saw consist of adjustable bevel capacity and make 90 degree square cuts that help the user in the production process, bevel cut changes the vertical angle of blade. its angle does not remain the same. Like a bevel cut, a miter cut also forms an angle and its regular miter cut is a 45-degree angle at the end of the cut board.

Corded and cordless saw

Corded and cordless track saw has almost equal importance in the saw but the difference is only cord. Corded trimmer is wired with electric outlets while a cordless trimmer is not.

A corded Circular saw  is basically an electric saw having a spinning circular blade. It is used to cut wood and plastic sheet goods also with the quick blade adjustment. There are four types of cut with a circular saw crosscut, miter cut, bevel cut and compound cut respectively height, depth and bevel adjustment.

Best with conversion kit perform the same function as a corded circular saw. It runs with batteries instead of electric power.

Track Length

Track length is variable, we can modify it according to our desires. The track helps a user to snap or bolt smaller length joints and make a longer track. It is best for composite decks where it is used to cut parting boards in order to hide cut ends. Its length can be 2-,4-, and even 8-foot track for fast and easy setup.

Safety Features

Blade stops quickly by electric breakers. The riving blade is made up of a cut piece of steel sheet which is located behind the blade in the kerf. It provides shield protection against kickback. Mafell is packed with electronic speed sensors that keep constant blade speed and for squeezing and stopping the saw.

Track Saw Tips And Tricks

Tracksaw is an excellent tool and is rightly suitable for ripping boards, and cutting trims, without splinter-free cuts. It is also used as a plunge saw when it can be set to a precise depth. It provides superb results on various applications such as working on wood flooring and sub-flooring. For use of track saw there are some track saw safety rules.

  • Make sure, wearing safety goggles for eye protection.
  • Must wear hearing protective muffins during cutting with track saws.
  • Avoid wearing loose dresses and also use gloves. We can even use face protection shields in order to prevent face injuries.
  • The adjustment of the blade is also very important for working.
  • Be attentive, before starting ripping keep in mind the position of the cord that averts from snagging while operating.
  • Must take advantage of excellent dust collection options.
  • Add Track Extension for convenience.


Our Recommendation for best one

In this article, The Best Track Saws, Reviews of 2023, the BOSCH TK13-225 Track saw is one of the best track saws in the bunch. According to our testing in interior designing it gives superb, smooth, splinter -free cuts on plywood, laminated particles woods and ripping wood sheet goods. It is accurate, smooth and efficient in its performance in mega interior projects. It has remarkable features of a spindle lock, a swiveling hose port and also having a lock off mechanism. 

Which completely protects from overloading. A single pivot point lies for both bevel and non bevel cuts. Bosch provides a full range of optional attachments which differentiate it from other saws,1. Four different track lengths, 2. Connectors for connecting multiple tracks, 3. An angle guide, 4. A rip fence.

It is also notable that:
honorable Bobvilla has also recommended in his article The Best Track Saws Of 2023 the top demanding product is Bosch GKT 13-225 Track Saw.

Reason For The Best Track Saws

According to our test, a rail saw must have the ability to cut deep of hardwood, plywood and wood sheet goods. The cut should be accurate, smooth and precise along with the power of the motor. The blade should be sharp enough to fulfill the requirements. Bevel cuts are also measured in this way. Each tracking saw has its own specific features to operate the functions. Dust vacuum plays an integral part in wood projects.

How to be Carefully Use A Track Saw

Safety measures are important in case of using a saw track. You must wear head and eye protection instruments for safety. Don’t wear loose clothing during cutting. Be careful in blade adjustment in the best plunge saw with track make sure you are standing at the side of the best deal on the miter saw. Track path or railing path also play vital roles. Make sure the cord’s location before cutting starts on the sheet goods.

  • use saftey measures
  • Lineup the tracks
  • set cord location
  • be confident
  • Why Trust The Sawstrend

    Rechelle Browne is an interior designer, tools expert and a greatest writer of the sawstrend. She has keen interest in exploring the various tools, and is also a genius in DIYer projects. She also has extensive experience in the field of writing. She has a treasure of trove of knowledge related wood interior designing and DIY projects.

    She has tested numbers of saws in the test zoom then the team members reviewed the tools according to different perceptions like, evaluate accuracy, vitality, ability of bevel capacity and speed adjustment, pros and cons, power of blade, the tool’s cut capacity. After processing through evaluation and practical analysis, these tools are included in the list of best performance.


    Ans:   A Circular saw can cut or rip the sheet or goods in different dimensions even in circular rounds. On the other hand, a track saw is excellent in cutting in a straight way due to the splinter free blade. 

     Ans:  Alright! Track saw can be used without track, but it is difficult to handle the pressure of track saw with accurate, fine and intricate cuts on ripping wood sheet goods.

      Ans: Most of the track saw can operate over 2 inches deep while other saws can cut upto 2-½ inches deep.

      Ans: There is no doubt, table saw is more powerful than track saw.  But a track saw can cut the large good sheets very quickly and efficiently.

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